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Valorant is a dynamic first-person shooter game by Riot Games, the developer of such hits as League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and many others. This time the studio attempts to launch a shooter that will beat the multiplayer mastodon CS:GO. It’s a stylish semi-realistic game with immersive multiplayer maps and incredibly fast matchmaking. You can download Valorant for your PC and enjoy fresh, streamlined gameplay with millions of other players. 

Graphics – 5/5

In the age of hyper-realistic visuals of Call of Duty and APEX Legends, Valorant looks like a shiny colorful toy. Nevertheless, the Valorant game manages to conquer your attention from the first seconds. The visuals of the game are very catchy and cannot be confused with any other shooter on the market. Although it reminds of many older games, including Team Fortress, CS:GO, and some others, it still looks unique.

Gameplay – 5/5

Valorant gameplay is quite similar to Global Offensive. Each match involves 10 players and splits them into 2 teams of 5. Each player becomes one of 10 Valorant agents with unique traits and skills. Many of them are locked from the start, and you have to earn credits to unlock them and improve your character. The main 5 vs. 5 game mode revolves around the Spike bomb. A random team gets the bomb and tries to plant it as soon as possible. After that, the team has to withstand against the anti-terrorist team to let the bomb explode. If they succeed, they get the point. If another team prevents the planting within 100 seconds or deactivates the bomb in time, it gets the credit. You can also take down all the enemies to win without planting and defusing. However, it’s not enough to win the Valorant full game match. Your team must earn at least 13 of 25 points to win the match and get the final reward. 

Controls – 5/5

Valorant latest version supports both keyboard-mouse and gamepad inputs. Choose the one that feels the best for you and go. During tests for this Valorant review, we tried both Xbox One and PS4 controllers, and they worked perfectly well. You can tune the sensitivity of axes independently to get the best response of your controller. 

Replay Value – 5/5

Valorant free-to-play shooter combines the dynamics of mobile multiplayer with flexible PC video game mechanics, which makes it one of the fastest cybersport disciplines so far. Twenty-five rounds feel like one long round stuffed with action and funny encounters, so replaying the game match by match and improving your agents feels awesome. 


Valorant game online is a breath of fresh air for the entire industry of multiplayer shooters. It combines straightforward gameplay with simple visuals so successfully that it’s hard to take eyes off the screen for hours.  


  • Incredibly simple gameplay;
  • Stylish semi-realistic visuals;
  • Fast rounds;
  • Exciting progression system.


  • Many similarities with other shooters;
  • Not for fans of long rounds. 

The Bottom Line

Download Valorant if you want a strategic shooter with the simplest rules ever and the quickest battles of all.